The Exhibition Center of Hunan Wisdom Educational Equipment

Functions and Advantages

The Exhibition Center of Hunan Wisdom Educational Equipment is a professional, centralized, large-scale, complete set of innovative exhibition experience training base, we provide a continuous display, experience platform for settled enterprises, and equipped with professional commentator, provide joint office seats and reception, training site.

Never ending educational equipment exhibition

Hunan provincial education equipment standard demonstration base

The center is responsible for collecting and compiling standards for school education equipment at all levels in Hunan province, and strictly follow the standards for investment promotion. The products settled in will become demonstration products of educational equipment equipment standards in Hunan province, and will be included in recommended products and enterprise catalogue of educational equipment procurement in Hunan province after verification.

As the teaching and training base of Hunan education equipment production equipment department and the experience training base of Changsha robot science and technology education association, the entered products can be used as the practical operation model of national training and provincial training, as well as recommended products or standard equipment for various competitions.

National and provincial training base

The center is the scene experience sales base of major educational equipment sellers in Hunan province. It opens sales channels for settled enterprises, releases purchasing information, and provides accurate product promotion and bidding agency services. Strategic partners include Hunan Huahan company (Hunan Xinhua bookstore group), Hunan modern educational equipment co., LTD., Hunan K12 educational equipment sales alliance, etc.

Scenario experience sales base

The Exhibition Center of Hunan Wisdom Educational Equipment plans to build a platform for comprehensive control and education integration of educational equipment, and build a systematic teaching management mechanism covering 20 major systems including centralized control, monitoring management, failure report and evaluation module, so as to help the education system provide data support for teaching guidance and decision-making.

Hunan smart campus, regional smart education control and integration center

The Exhibition Center of Hunan Wisdom Educational Equipment