The Exhibition Center of Hunan Wisdom Educational Equipment

Center Introduction

The Exhibition Center of Hunan Wisdom Educational Equipment was unveiled on June 2, 2018. It is a private non-enterprise unit approved and put on record in Hunan provincial civil affairs bureau.

The establishment of the center will focus on providing a centralized display and publicity window for educational equipment products, providing visiting experience and learning training scenarios for schools and competent authorities and educational institutions. In addition, it is responsible for collecting and compiling standards and recommended product catalogues of educational equipment for all kinds of schools at all levels in Hunan province.

The Exhibition Center is positioned as "Concentrated Smart Campus + Never Ending Education Equipment Exhibition". To promote and lead the in-depth application and integrated development of educational equipment in Hunan, and to realize the standardization of educational equipment configuration, the precision of procurement and the intellectualization of control by the end, it undertakes state-led linkage of government, industry, education, research and application and carries out deep participation of schools and enterprises in the construction of big data center of educational informationization. For the great rejuvenation of the nation, the realization of the Chinese dream and the promotion of the understanding of big data in education to the height of the national education strategy

The center is open all year round to provide the scene of school-enterprise visit experience, training and learning and application, and also to establish and operate the official media website and official WeChat official account of Hunan education industry association. With the concept of "aggregation, optimization, enabling, sharing and innovation", lick block is added to lay a solid educational foundation for the strong province of education. Under the leadership of the education authorities, the center team wholeheartedly provides schools of all levels with diversified and high-quality "smart campus" and "cultural campus" services in the future.

The Exhibition Center of Hunan Wisdom Educational Equipment